Online Spell Check provides an online spell check allowing you to proofread your English texts free and fast. Our English spell checker can check and correct the spelling of a single word to full paragraphs. The online spell checker is a useful tool for bloggers, content writers and everyone else who cares about spelling! Simply copy and paste your email, blog post or Facebook status and have our spell checker proofread your text and prevent you from publishing spelling mistakes and typos!

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How to Spell Better?

Simply: B E T T E R. But how can you improve your spelling so you’d write English more confidently and have less spelling mistakes (or none at all)? Read Full Post »

What Makes Spelling So Popular?

Spelling is returning to the classroom. Spelling games takes up kid’s and adult’s pastime. People visit spelling clubs and local community centers to challenge their spelling skills, watch spelling themed movies, Broadway musicals and even on the ESPN sports channel. Read Full Post »

Commonly Misspelled Words

English spelling is not easy, and there are dozens of words that are commonly misspelled by English native speakers as well as by people who learn English as their second language. Ironically, misspelling is one of the most common misspelled words. The busiest spelling bees sometimes double the p’s instead of the l’s and s’s. Lucky for them, there is usually a spell check around to remind them.
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Best Spell Check for Dyslexia

Spell checker is an essential tool for students, writers, and everyone who communicates via emails or social networks. Spell checker becomes necessary when you have  a learning disability, like dyslexia, that affects one’s ability to spell correctly.
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English Spelling Problems

English spelling is not very easy for native speakers, all the more so for those who use English as a second language. The main cause for most English spelling problems is the difference between pronunciation and spelling, or in other words – between the spoken word and the way it is spelled.
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World Spelling Day

World Spelling Day is an online spelling competition attended by students of various countries, ages and spelling abilities. >World Spelling Day took place for the first time in 2011 and will return again this year on March 6, 2012, with over 5.5 million students from 200 different countries that are predicted to participate. World Spelling Day is organized by the Sydney based World Education Games, which organizes the World Math Day and World Science Day on the same weekend. The 2010 World Math Day has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest online math competition.
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Spelling Tools – how to spell check online

In today’s online world, an online spelling tool is an asset. Doesn’t matter if you’re a business man, writer, blogger or just an average social media addict, correct spelling online is important. When all of your friends (and sometimes all of their friends as well) can see your posts, email, status updates and tweets it’s important to spell check your text. But sometimes simply proofreading your status update or email by yourself isn’t enough, and you need help, usually in the form of an online spelling tool.
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Online Spelling Games

Online spelling games are great way to improve English spelling, vocabulary and grammar for kids, adults, English learners and people who read, write or speak English as a second language Read Full Post »

Online Spelling Mistakes – Spelling Tips for Bloggers

Starting a blog now days is as simple as it can be: just log into a website, and voila! You can start blogging.  Your online personality doesn’t stop at your blog, though. Social media, forums, online messaging and email make up who you are online.

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Online Spell Checker – How to choose the right one?

Online spell checker is a necessary tool, but how can you tell if a spelling checker is good? Here are some questions you need to ask every online spell checker before submitting your blood written texts.

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